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Before starting any physical fitness program, please consult your doctor. You are performing the exercises at your own risk.

Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Modify the exercises to suit your personal needs and stop any exercise immediately that causes sharp pain or discomfort. Consult a medical expert. If at any time during this exercise you feel dizzy, experience pain not associated with muscular fatigue, or feel nauseous, discontinue the workout and consult your physician.


Susan Arruda’s workouts can be very physically demanding. Please note that you are performing them at your own risk. Susan Arruda and are not liable or responsible for any damages or losses directly or indirectly caused by any workouts, advice, or other information provided. This includes any injury or ailments that may result from the workouts. It is recommended that you use good judgment and have a strong knowledge of physical alignment to execute the exercises safely and responsibly. You, the consumer/user, assume all risks of potential injury with the use of this program/workout. Please only proceed with this program/workout if you accept this responsibility, as outlined above.


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